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About Us

When it comes to creating outstanding landscape design, homeowners frequently face problems. This is where Landscape Design Studio comes into play! We are dedicated to serving the needs of each and every client, offering individual design solutions and approaches. We provide a broad range of garden design and construction services. We are proud of being the team of professional landscape designers with years of experience and dozens of contemporary projects in stock.

Whether you need to add stone or deck elements to your landscape design project, we have multiple ideas to offer.  Our specialists have a real understanding of how to provide individual spaces tailored to the needs of clients. Here, at Landscape Design Studio, you will find a broad selection of garden schemes, ranging from urban motives and up to classic cottage garden solutions. We always cater for different budgets, ensuring the top notch service you will be satisfied with.

Our Services

We focus on applying our extensive design experience and knowledge to any project we work on. The range of services we offer encompasses standard landscape ideas as well as unique solutions to come up to users’ needs and budgets. Whether you need a compact and cozy cottage garden or a luxurious country house residence plan, we are here to help you with that!


There are dozens of landscape design ideas to match any outdoor area and homeowner preferences. Just specify your needs to let us work out the best project for you. We will offer you several design schemes so that you could choose the one, which will fit your requirements and preferences most of all.

Stone, Deck & Paving

Garden designs vary not only in the project ideas and schemes, but also in the materials used for their completion. It’s really important to understand what style of landscape design you eventually expect to avail. Our construction specialists carry out their work with maximum attention to details, using high quality stone, deck or paving materials.

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